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Gainesville Residents United, Inc.

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Case 1

Case 1: Gainesville Residents United, Inc., et al vs Ron DeSantis, et al

Filed: 7/3/23

Venue: US District Court, Northern District of Florida (Tallahassee)

Case number: 1:23-cv-00176-AW-HTC

Plaintiffs: Gainesville Residents United, Inc,;

Defendants: Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida; City of Gainesville (nom. def.)

Judge: Hon. Allan Winsor

Current status: Awaits judge’s ruling on defendant DeSantis’ Motion to Dismiss



            Deadlines & Hearings

            Document History


1.1-1    Enrolled HB 1645

1.1-2    HB 1645

1.1-3    Staff Final Bill Analysis

1.1-4    Proof of Publication

1.1-5    Committee substitute for HB 759

1.1-6    GRU bond issuance 2017 Series A

1.1-7    Civil Cover Sheet

1.1-8    DeSantis Summons

1.1-9    Moody Summons

1.1-10  Byrd Summons

1.1-11  City of Gainesville Summons

1.2       Notice of Compliance

1.21     Answer to Complaint

1.22     Desantis's Motion For Extension

1.23     Order Granting Extension

1.24     Planning Meeting

1.25     Motion to Dismiss

1.26     Motion to Dismiss - Lack of Jurisdiction

1.28     Motion to Dismiss - Failure to State Claim

1.31     Motion to Extend Time

1.32     Order Granting Extension

1.33     Order re. Schedule

1.35     Plaintiff Response Opposing Motion to Dismiss

1.36     Dismissal of Action Against Some Defendants

1.37     Order granting motion to dismiss

1.38     Order to show cause

1.39     Plaintiffs’ Response to Order to Show Cause

1.39-1 Omnibus Order Granting Defendants’ Motion for                   Summary Judgement

1.40     Plaintiffs’ Corrected Response to Order to Show                   Cause

1.40-1 Omnibus Order Granting Defendants’ Motion for                   Summary Judgement

1.40-2 City of Gainesville Resolution No. 2023-1186

1.41    Attorney General Unopposed Motion to Intervene

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